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In-depth Interpretation | DE&E Steam & Grill Range Cooker

Since the pioneering of the industry in 2020 and the launch of the revolutionary modular range cooker, which has won the recognition of both the industry and the market, DE&E has once again launched its innovative steam & grill range cooker with its own strong R&D capabilities.


  Independent Cooking Space

Different from the situation where the independent range cooker for steaming and baking on the market is a big steamer with a small oven; the space for the independent range cooker for steaming and baking on the market is mostly the configuration of 40L steamer + 30L oven. The size of its oven can reach the 

professional-grade oven baking standard. 45L-50L almost none.

DE&E steam & grill range cooker with 48L+48L optimal space equilibrium ratio of large capacity, Independent and optimal space can accommodate 16 standard service plates. DE&E’s innovative design helps solve the problem of cooking space and makes delicacy unlimited.


Independent Steaming and Baking Design

The dual-cavity distribution of the DE&E steam & grill range cooker is single baking on the left, and pure steaming on the right, which can independently control the steamer and oven. It can also be used while steaming and grilling at the same time for higher efficiency.

Cooking speed is a critical factor when you need to serve a meal to many people. When steaming and baking synchronously you can cook a formal banquet in 15 minutes. With 8 smart modes, automatic adjustment of temperature, thermal curve, and time, you can also easily control it.


Steaming for Healthy Delicacies

Balanced steaming and baking make dishes of richer nutrition. The dual-cavity range cooker is with precise temperature control; the temperature of the steaming space is adjustable from 30℃ to 100℃ and the baking space is from 30℃ to 230℃.

The temperature difference is small while the temperature rises fast, locking the nutrition of ingredients when steaming and guaranteeing crispness when baking.  


Modular Structure Design

DE&E steam & grill range cooker initiative and innovative modular range cooker (Patent Title: A Kind of Modular Range Cooker; Patent No. : ZL201821490788.9) is easier to clean and maintain besides stable and efficient operation.

Constant temperature storage desk,one click to start heat preservation. No matter how late you get home, the food will still be warm. The design of the top-located storage desk is convenient for placing articles; it can defrost, warm, and heat food.