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You can find some Frequently Asked Questions here.
Q:What if the heating period is too long?

A:1、Check the surface of the evaporation pan. If there is a thick layer of scale, clean the pan with scale.
2、The door seal may be damaged and the steamer door may leak.

Q:What is the reason for not producing heat if the steamer is started?


1、Please check if the steamer door is closed.

2、Whether the tank has water and is in place.

3、The steamer door switch may be damaged.

Q:What is the reason if the steamer fails to start?

A:1、The circuit board fuse blows, causing the board to be de-energized.
2、Turn on the power again and turn on the steamer.

Q:What are the differences for steam oven with preheated or non preheated food?

A:Choose according to your own tastes and preferences to decide whether to put in the dishes after preheating. Dishes cooked usually have good taste after being preheated by steam oven. The color is bright and the moisture is just right, while non preheating dishes are relatively ripe, with more moisture and deeper color.