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You can find some Frequently Asked Questions here.
Q:Three minutes after turn on power, the heat circle is still not red

A:1、Connect power plug.
2、Call after‐sales service.

Q:Three minutes after turn on power, the heat circle is still not red

A:1、Connect power plug.
2、Call after‐sales service.

Q:Heat circle works intermittently

A:Normal phenomenon

Q:Heat indicator light is off, while ceramic glass surface is very hot

A:Call after‐sales service.

Q:Heat time lengthens

A:Change cookware.

Q:Ignitor doesn

A:1、Connect power.
2、Replace High‐voltage wire.
3、Replace High‐voltage wire.
4、Replace pulse ignitor.
5、Replace or adjust Micro switch.
6、Install the battery properly.
7、Adjust to 5‐6mm distance.
8、Turn on gas supply.

Q:Flame Failure Device open valve time lengthens

A:1、Adjust throttle position.
2、Adjust thermocouple.
3、Replace Flame Failure Device.


A:1、Adjust burner cap.
2、Replace Burner or adjust Throttle.
3、Adjust burner cap.
4、Adjust throttle.
5、Adjust burner cap.
6、Adjust throttle.




Three minutes after 

turn on power, the 

heat circle is still 

not red

1Power plug is offConnect power plug
2Internal connection is brokenCall after-sales service

Heat circle works 



It is on auto temperature control or the temperature is on highest protectio

Normal phenomenon
Heat indicator light 

is off, while ceramic 

glass surface is very 


1Heat indicator light is brokenCall after-sales service
2Internal connection is broken

Heat time lengthens

1Cookware bottom concavity is too big

Change cookware


Cookware bottom area is too big

 Ignitor doesn't 


1Power is off connection

Connect power

2High-voltage wire leakage

Replace High-voltage wire

3Ignition porcelain head leakageReplace High-voltage wire
4Pulse ignitor is broken

Replace pulse ignitor

5Micro switch coonection is not good

Replace or adjust Micro switch

6Battery installation is not goodInstall the battery properly
7 Distance between Ignition porcelain head and Burner cap is improper

Adjust to 5-6mm distance

8Gas supply is off 

Turn on gas supply

Flame Failure 

Device_ open 

valve time 


1*Throttle position is improperAdjust throttle position
2Thermocouple position is improper

Adjust thermocouple

3Flame Failure Device doesnt workReplace Flame Failure Device
Backfire1Burner cap position is improperAdjust burner cap
2*Burner leakage or Throttle opens too wideReplace Burner or adjust Throttle
3Burner cap is up side downAdjust burner cap
Flameout1*Throttle opens too wideAdjust throttle

Big noise

1Burner cap position is improperAdjust burner cap
2*Throttle opens too wide

Adjust throttle