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For 25 years, DE&E has been practicing its own social responsibilities and gained social recognition.

Most Influential Enterprise in Range Hood Industry during Past 30 Years

Top 5 Kitchen Appliance Enterprises in China

Top 10 Range Hood Brands in China

China Outstanding Private-owned Enterprise

China 's top ten outstanding kitchen appliances enterprise

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Since its establishment in 1992, DE&E has always regarded design and innovation of products as driving mechanism, at the same time DE&E invested huge amounts of money in product research and development.DE&E also won:

iF Design Award China

Pin-up Asian Design Award

Red Star Design Award

Efficiency Purification Star

China Appliance Award 2015

China 's Most Successful Design Award

Best Product Design Award

Technology Innovation Award

MASTER of Home Appliance Innovation

Product Honor


DE&E, in collaboration with Xi'an Jiao Tong University, has established a post-doctoral station for hood air flow research. Now DE&E has a leading R&D center and has obtained more than 260 national patents.They are:

Smoke-Collecting Angle
DE&E engineers found 39°is the idealest smoke collecting angle. By this design, the canopy can cover most smoke while little escaped.

360°Air-inlet Structure Design
360°Air-inlet entrance design creates strong negative pressure zone around the cover glass, increasing motor extraction power. As a result, smoke can be extracted immediately.

Dual-Wing Turbo Boosting
The design of “Dual-Wing turbo boosting” ensures a smooth air flow, reducing smoke backflow and maximizes extraction

IQ Smart Smoke Extraction
One press on the IQ Smart button, range hood enters auto mode. Smoke, ambient temperature or even harmful fume can be defected enabling hood to start working to extract smoke and gas.

“3+1” Circular Flame Path Burner
Ribbon-shaped flame replaces dot-shaped flame, which balances flame distribution.

None-changing & Cleaning Filter
The patented integrated-shaped S.S. filter is arranged by round-shaped holes to achieve high oil-filtration rate, high odor-reduction rate and none oil block effect, therefore users do not need to take down and wash the filter.

Deep smoke collecting chamber
Exclusive 140mm smoke-collecting chamber with golden ridge design inspired by“Bernoulli Effect” is considered to have the best aerodynamics layout.